Etiquette For Golf Apparel

Golf is one of those sports where wearing proper golf apparel is as important as playing well on the greens. In golf, what you wear matters. Put on the wrong clothes and golf course management will have the right to turn you away from playing.

Basic Apparel For Men


golf shirt It is a must for a male golfer to wear a collared shirt while on the putting greens. Traditionally, the shirt fabrics that are allowed are polyester, microfiber, and cotton. If you have a preference for turtleneck shirts it may be necessary to check with the course management first if they allow because some do not. For protection against the sun, it is often alright to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath a short sleeved collared shirt.

Pants & Shorts

The traditional fabric for pants & shorts that are allowed on golf courses are cotton and khakis. Shorts that are above the knee area are often not permitted, only shorts that reach the knee area or longer can be worn on the greens. Choose between a knee length pair with flat or pleated front.


Golf ShoesPossibly the most important part of golf apparel is footwear. In fact, all golfers consider their golf shoes an actual game equipment, not any different from their golf clubs. The reason for this is golf shoes provide stability, traction & comfort during a long day of golf. Stability & traction are required for a good swing. And comfort of course for walking on the golf course for hours on end during a game.


Traditionally, knee length tube socks have been worn on the golf course along with knee length shorts. This has since changed with new golfers preferring barely there ankle length socks tucked inside the shoes.

Socks are required apparel by all golf courses. One you will thank them for as they add so much comfort to your feet after long hours of play on the greens. Golf courses do not discriminate on sock length. As long as you wear them and they complement your entire apparel then you are good to go. Here , you can get best different option of Golf Apparel.


For protection against the sun & the occasional rain shower during a day on the golf course, hats are a good addition to the golf apparel. Although not a requirement by golf courses it is often practical to wear one, and have one. The most common hats you will see golfers wear on the greens are sun visors, baseball caps, ‘Ben Hogan’ caps or straw hats.

Golf Apparel For Women


Never wear a halter top, regular T-shirt, or a tank top when playing golf on any course. Women golfers who are regulars at playing golf know to wear only a polo style shirt on the greens. It does not matter if it is short sleeved or long sleeved, whether it is V-necked, buttoned down, or zip topped. As long as it is a polo shirt then it is a go on any golf course.

Jackets & Sweaters

Golf JacketsOn a cool rainy day, whatever you do, never ever bring a sweatshirt or denim jacket with you if you are planning to play golf. You will be turned away. The best option is to layer it. Put on a turtleneck or long sleeved polo shirt instead. Then add on a sweater or vest.

If the day is a bit colder than usual or rain suddenly pours, then add a bit more protection on top of the shirt & vest, perhaps a wind shirt or light jacket? If you go this direction then you won’t hear any complaints from course management.


With golf it is all about comfort & lots of leg room to move around in terms of apparel. So, tight fitting denim jeans, revealing sun dresses, sweatpants, and clunky athletic pants will be frowned upon. For lady golfers, slacks are the preferred apparel.

Head Gear

A great way to have fun with your golf apparel is with hats. There are tons of styles to choose from. And since head gear is not required uniform there are almost no restrictions on the hat that golfers can use on the golf course.

Shoes & Socks

GolfWhen it comes to shoes & socks the same rule applies for both male & female golfers. It does not matter whether you wear a knee length tube pair or ankle length socks. As long as you have socks on that complement your entire golfing apparel for the day then you are good to play on any golf course.

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