Miscellaneous Custom Coins

From initially being exclusive to military officials, challenge coins are now being used by various service units and civilian organizations. In particular, those serving in the U.S. government, in civic organizations, and in businesses and conglomerates are now permitted to carry their own custom coins. Listed below are some of the most notable challenge coins that you can find outside of the Armed Forces.

Coins for Government Personnel

Specially designed and minted coins are regularly handed out to the White House staff, the Presidential drivers and the President’s Secret Service Agents. Each coin bears their unit’s insignia and motto. While most of these coins are traditionally circular in shape, the coins carried by the White House Military Aides are football-shaped in honor of their role as the carriers of the atomic football.

Coins for Civic Organizations

The recent boom in the custom coin industry means that even an ordinary citizen can have his own custom coins designed and minted. Members of civic organizations such as the Boy Scouts can already have their own custom-made challenge coins. Likewise, servicemen who are part of the fire department or of the police force can have their own insignias embossed or printed onto their coins.

More recently, independent organizations who want to strengthen the bonds between their members have started to commission their own custom coins. Cosplayers, Harley Davidson enthusiasts and other members of similar clubs have created their own challenge coins as a way of demonstrating their allegiance. These coins can also be used to raise funds for their respective organizations since they can function as highly collectible mementos.

Coins for Firemen

Although professional and volunteer firefighters may not necessarily have a considerable amount of money to spend on creating their own custom coins, the availability of numerous coin manufacturers has made it possible for them to purchase quality coins at an affordable price. After all, their dedication and commitment to their profession is almost unmatched and it seems only fitting that they are given the chance to carry a memento, which reflects their admirable spirit.


Likewise, the manufacturers of these coins can guarantee that each client will be given impeccable customer service regardless of their budget or social standing. The ordering process has been considerably simplified and the designs are easily customizable.

Customers can choose to create an original design with the assistance of the in-house graphic artists, or simply recreate an existing challenge coin design. The coins can have designs rendered in traditional metallic finishes such as copper, brass, silver, or gold. Conversely, they can be made in more colorful and unique styles.

As a bonus, designing and revisions are usually offered free of charge so you can add as many details as you want to your motto or insignia. This also means that you can create separate designs for the main department as well as individual designs for the smaller units and fire squads.

Coins for Corporations and Businessmen

While corporations and conglomerates may not necessarily need representations of their employee’s valor and courage, they can still have custom coins created to recognize their employee’s achievements. Similarly, customized coins can be used to commemorate the special events, accomplishments, or milestones achieved by the entire company.

Though they may not be as majestic or as imposing statues, framed plaques, or glittering medals, custom company coins are nonetheless worthwhile mementos that can be proudly displayed. Find a reputable coin manufacturer and you can be sure to receive quality products that will rival any other prestigious company award.

In fact, the coins may be even better able to represent the prestige of your company’s long held traditions and reputation. They can be specifically designed to portray the company’s vision and values in a single design, motto, artwork, or logo. You don’t also need to allot a large budget for these services since the design services will be given for free and you can have your business coins revised until you are satisfied.

Coins for Personal Use

Even an ordinary citizen can have his own logos and mottos engraved onto a coin. Families can place their coat of arms on their coins and give them out during family reunions. Meanwhile, schools and independent organizations can hand out customized coins or medallions to instill a sense of pride and unity in their alma mater.

Additionally, you will not have to limit yourself to a traditionally round coin. You can have your coins made in the shape of your organization’s specific logo. Coin manufacturers can easily use various technologies and techniques such as cross-cutting, wave-cutting, and rope-cutting, to make the designs more unique.

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